Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warbler Guy, can you tell me some of the most abundant wood-warblers that were seen in last year’s Christmas Bird Count?

Yes, Brent in Orange Co., CA, there’s a record of these results in the latest American Birds (110th CBC, Volume 64).

Consider the following highest totals and the corresponding location/name of the CBC:

- Olive Warbler, 9 (AZ, Green Valley-Madera Canyon)
- Tennessee Warbler, 2 (TX, Guadalupe River Delta-McFaddin Family Ranches)
- Oranged-crowned Warbler, 493 (TX, Weslaco)
- Nashville Warbler, 10 (TX, Weslaco)
- N. Parula, 18 (FL, Kendall Area)
- Yellow Warbler, 11 (CA, San Diego; FL, Coot Bay-Everglades N.P.)
- Chestnut-sided Warbler, 1 (AZ, Phoenix-Tres Rios)
- Magnolia Warbler, 3 (FL, Coot Bay-Everglades N.P.)
- Cape May Warbler, 1 (OH, Ragersville)
- Black-throated Blue Warbler, 2 (FL, Coot Bay-Everglades N.P.; Ft. Lauderdale; Kendall Area; and Key Largo-Plantation Key)
- Yellow-rumped (Audubon’s), 4,638 (CA, Orange Co.)
- Yellow-rumped (Myrtle), 7,599 (SC, Charleston)

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