Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Warbler Quiz #6: Test Your Warbler Migration, Warbler Behavior, and Warbler Identification (Warbler ID) Skills (Answers at bottom of this article.)

a. True or False: Female wood-warblers never sing?

b. Fill in the blank: Beyond insects, warblers primarily eat two other general kinds of food: seeds & XXX (Please type your answer here).

c. True or False: All North American (New World) warblers migrate?

d. Choose one answer from the two options in the following question: In addition to approximately 52 species of warblers breeding in the United States north of Mexico, there’s a (smaller) (larger) number of species that breed in the tropics?

e. True or False: Some warblers species travel more than 100 miles per night during migration?


a. At least two female New World wood-warbler species are believed to sing:
Yellow and American Redstart.

b. Fruit

c. False. Common Yellowthroat {a common breeder/nester in every USA state (except HI) and Canadian province) does not migrate from SOME of the places where it breeds in southern portions of its breeding range} is one example of a non-migrating wood-warbler species.

d. Larger (107 New World wood-warblers exist, so a greater/larger number occur as nesters in the tropics than the number breeding in the United States north of Mexico.)

e. True. Depending on many factors, including weather and wind, some neotropical songbird migrants (including warblers) may travel as much as 100-150 miles on a single night’s migration.


Anonymous said...

Thanks WG....Peggy, Austin

Anonymous said...

One more thing: I believe migration is starting here pretty quickly, given the weather conditions.

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Good info. Jason w/ 'ppreciation

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Found this blog at MN Trib. today. Thanks to Jim Williams, my fave columnist for that paper pulp periodical that continues to shrink beyond the value of the coins I spend on it and, thus, has questionable value (besides his Garden section and his columns that are always treasures).

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I like this blog, but can you update it every day?
Prob not, but maybe more often during the spring when warblers are everywhere?
Sam S.

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I need to go to "warbler" school. Remedial training? Josh Z., Baraboo,WI

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yo the man, mr. warbler hombre

Buzz J., Victoria BC

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One more thing...we just saw our first warblers back. Time for spring. Good riddance.

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Yes, time for spring. Too long a winter. Bring on the warblers, please, Mr. Warbler Guy.

Shawn, Modesto, CA