Monday, July 4, 2011

Warbler Guy, what are the new warbler name changes? Do only the scientific names change and the common names remain the same?

Excellent question, Noah. (Warbler "taxonomy tree" name chart is difficult to read here, but is easier to see at the
link noted below in the final sentence.)

The honest and best answer is for you to read David Sibley’s account (David Sibley's blog =

His summary of the warbler name changes is the best account I’ve read.

You can see it at:

Happy 4th of July...(As we celebrate, by the way, millions of wood-warbler newborns are flying for the
first time today in northern latitudes. Some (such as LA Waterthrush that nested in the mid-Atlantic) are already dispersed and migrating nearby their nesting grounds and/or south by this time and this month.

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