Sunday, July 28, 2013

Warbler Guy, where can I quickly learn more about confusing fall warblers that I am starting to see now as the warbler migration begins in North America? Are hybrid (intergrade) warblers common to see as part of the confusing fall warblers I sometimes see among migrating warblers?

(above graphic courtesy of Peterson Guide to Birds, Houghton Mifflin Publishing)


Here’s a rapid relief answer, Jason (in Pittsburgh):

Please feel free to see pages 524- 525 in the new (and excellent) The Warbler Guide (Tom Stephenson & Scott Whittle. 2013. University of Princeton Press. $29.95;

Beyond this basic overview associated with hybrid warblers, throughout this aforementioned book you can view comparative/contrast photos that will help
solve your confusing fall warbler puzzlements.

Does this help?

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Helcio Pires said...


How can I send you a photo so you can see what type of wrbler it is?


Helcio - Miami