Saturday, August 31, 2013

Warbler Guy, does the new American Birding Association "Birder's Guide" magazine have articles about wood-warblers?

Good question, Tom R. (in Seattle).

I'm confident the answer will eventually be an ongoing "yes," though I have the premiere issue of this new magazine and, gulp, I feel deprived because no mention of wood-warblers occurred among the excellent initial articles.

No doubt, the rising popularity of birders pursuing wood-warblers nationwide means this new periodical (that replaces the now-defunct Winging It ABA publication) promises to be a wonderful source for The Warbler Guy and you to read about worthy wood-warbler birding places.

Here's a review of Birder's Guide as it appears on the web site:

Birder's Guide is the new, quarterly, full-color ABA magazine. Instead of 96 pages of black-and-white content appearing in your mailbox each year (Winging It), you'll now receive about 192 pages of a full-color, glossy magazine—on top of the 6 issues of Birding you already get! And that doesn't include the expanded online content we have up our sleeves.
Our first issue, A Birder's Guide to Travel, is, well, precisely that! Within its pages you will find practical, useful tips from experienced travelers on what technologies can make your trip most productive, on how and what to pack, and, most importantly, on where and when to go, and why. Making a reappearance is the ABA's much-valued Pelagic Directory, which had been on hiatus the past two years. ABA members will receive two more issues ofBirder's Guide later this year: A Birder's Guide to Listing and Taxonomy and A Birder's Guide to Gear. We’re trilled to offer the first (and all subsequent issues of) Birder’s Guide as a downloadable e-magazine, available at the following link:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update............Jake

Anonymous said...

You need to be a member to receive this mag?