Thursday, October 24, 2013

Warbler Guy, have Dusky Warbler and Arctic Warbler ever been seen in California?

(above, Arctic Warbler, via

Joey (in New York, NY), at least 10 accepted California records exist for the Dusky Warbler, per the judgment of the California Bird Records Committee. The same committee has agreed that at least four past Arctic Warbler sightings are valid.

A good book to obtain for “hovering and gleaning” this information:

Rare Birds of California. 2007. Western Field Ornithologists. See:

(Updates for new accepted records are online at:


Anonymous said...

NEVER seen, never will...Joshua Tarnier, Gulf Port

Anonymous said...

thanks much, you zee man, warblr guy

Anonymous said...

I saw this sp. in Alaska...Lucky me, I guess...Joey T.

Anonymous said...

Heaven: To see both of these in Alaska....pinch me if it happens, OK.....Roberto S.

Icarus said...

Just got lifer dusky warbler at coyote point in the california bay area if your still tuned in lol.