Friday, June 20, 2014

Warbler Guy, how do I use ebird to see where and when Kirtland's Warbler was last seen in Wisconsin? Can you tell me where Kirtland's Warbler was seen in 2014 in Wisconsin?

Sure, Jo...Good question.

Go to:

Here, from a May 23rd sighting, you can see Jan Seiler's comment about her Kirtland's Warbler observation:

On a Wisconsin Natural Resources trip, two (male and female) Kirtland's were seen by a group of 10 participants. Male was singing from top of dead tree, female appeared briefly close-by.

Here sighting along with other recent ones in Wisconsin mean this rare species has now nested in the state for seven or eight consecutive nesting seasons since the mid-2000s when they were initially confirmed as nesters.

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Wonder if I can go see it? Joseph C.