Thursday, September 10, 2015

Warbler Photo Quiz: 3 Easy Ones & 1 More Challenging Photo. . .

. . . & good day. . . & who wishes to vote on the ID of the following four wood-warbler photos, BELOW?

(See right column where you can vote far into 2016, so feel free to please Share & Tell this quiz with your birding friends....Thank you in advance, Daniel Edelstein, Birding Guide

(Other photo quizzes are present here if you type "quiz" in the "search box" on the right side after scrolling down....or you can type in any other warbler topic of interest to find it among the 8 years of warbler content present here.)

(Photos courtesy of Martin Meyers.)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanx for the quiz warbler guy

Anonymous said...

One more thing, my name is Freita S (from S. Africa)

Daniel said...

Here's the answer for those folks who voted: (from top to bottom photo)

Yellow-breasted Chat (in weird light, I agree: Its breast looks orange and NOT yellow!)

Regards, Daniel

Birding Guide in Marin County

Anonymous said...

thanks for the solutions....Jed