Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Warbler Guy, thanks for your 12/8 post about Kirtland's Warbler nesting success in Wisconsin. BUT do you have more details to share?

Anita...thanks for the note....and, indeed, here's a pasted summary from the Wisconsin DNR that features breeding success highlights of the federally endangered Kirtland Warbler in Wisconsin (in 2017, the most updated WI breeding information for this species, I was told via email on 12/11/18): 

Kirtland’s Warbler Season Summary

Anna Jocham and Lake White, site monitors during the 2017 season, release Kirtland’s warblers after the banding crew color-banded two adults, Adams and Marinette counties. Photo courtesy of Joel Trick, 2017.

• 20 males and 16 females were confirmed in Adams County, 7 males and 4 females in Marinette County, 3 males in Bayfield County, 3 males in Vilas County. 

• 20 total nests: 16 nests by 15 pairs in Adams County, 4 nests by 4 pairs in Marinette County, 0 nests in Bayfield and in Vilas counties. 

• 15 successful nests: 12 in Adams County, 3 in Marinette County. 

• 5 nests failed: 4 in Adams County (2 cowbird parasitism, 2 unknown) 1 in Marinette County (depredation). 

• A minimum of 49-63 young fledged: 38-48 in Adams County, 11-15 in Marinette County. 

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