Monday, April 27, 2009

What are the answers to the most recent quizzes appearing on the right side of this home page as you scroll from top to bottom?

Beyond Michigan's breeding population, where else do researchers believe the Kirtland's Warbler regularly to periodically breeds?

Answer: WI & Ontario


Which common wood-warbler's breeding range is split into an eastern and western subspecies breeding population?

Answer: Nashville


Which sequence of weather conditions typically result in a "fallout" of wood-warblers during the spring on the Gulf Coast?

Answer: Warm, southerly breezes followed by a cold front/northerly winds.


If it's not a wood-warbler, then into which taxonomic placement has Yellow-breasted Chat previously been proposed?

Answer: Tanager family

Which "New World" wood-warbler species has the most extensive breeding area?

Answer: Yellow


Unlike Blackpoll that undertake a long migration (see 1/8/09 article), which wood-warbler has populations that do NOT migrate?

Answer: Common Yellowthroat

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