Sunday, September 4, 2011

Warbler Guy, where is bird radar migration information? Bird migration radar maps? Radar information related to birds?

Joey (in Hamilton, Ontario): There's a great bird radar migration web site at:

Here, you'll find how the Clemson Radar Ornithology Laboratory and its latest work related to:

-Calibrating WSR-88D displays for quantifying bird migration,
-Developing migration maps for different regions of the United States,
-Examining changing migration patterns with comparisons of current and historic radar datasets,
-Developing national migration models from forecast weather variables,
-Forecasting bird migration in the northeastern United States (BIRDCAST),
-Identifying and delimiting important migration stopover areas by using WSR-88D and classified multispectral satellite data in a GIS,
-Mapping roosting areas of Purple Martins throughout the South, and
-Conducting radar studies of bird migration through Panama.

Another related, albeit regional bird migration site for the autumn/post-breeding movement of songbird is:

Currently, excellent "difficult fall warbler" photos are shown at this blog site (in the 8/30/11 article and corresponding photos).


Anonymous said...

I think a north wind would help us see a push of ww's in our area soon (n. WI).....Pat S., Peshtigo, WI

Anonymous said...

Cool info....thanx....Tita Laos

Anonymous said...

Saw plenty of migrants yesterday, thanks to these radar guides. Joey C.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the climax is done; many migrants passed on farther south by now.