Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What are the latest bird name changes or warbler name changes? When did the American Ornithological Union (AOU) approve these names?

Yes, Aaron (in Akron, OH), the 52nd AOU Checklist Supplement approved and published in 2011 lists the following wood-warbler changes to species names (INCLUDING the scientific name change for the wood-warbler shown in the nearby photo, the common name of which is the answer for the one-click quiz on the left side. As a hint, we're still playing taps on our bugle, given the Wilsonia genus is now R.I.P., subsumed into the genus occupied by the Red-faced Warbler (Cardellina genus).):

• Mourning Warbler Geothlypis philadelphia
formerly Oporornis philadelphia
• MacGillivray’s Warbler Geothlypis tolmiei
formerly Oporornis tolmiei
• Kentucky Warbler Geothlypis formosa
formerly Oporornis formosus [note change in spelling of species name]
• Hooded Warbler Setophaga citrina
formerly Wilsonia citrina
• Kirtland’s Warbler Setophaga kirtlandii
formerly Dendroica kirtlandii
• Cape May Warbler Setophaga tigrina
formerly Dendroica tigrina
• Cerulean Warbler Setophaga cerulea
formerly Dendroica cerulea
• Northern Parula Setophaga americana
formerly Parula americana
• Tropical Parula Setophaga pitiayumi
formerly Parula pitiayumi
• Magnolia Warbler Setophaga magnolia
formerly Dendroica magnolia
• Bay-breasted Warbler Setophaga castanea
formerly Dendroica castanea
• Blackburnian Warbler Setophaga fusca
formerly Dendroica fusca
• Yellow Warbler Setophaga petechia
formerly Dendroica petechia
• Chestnut-sided Warbler Setophaga pensylvanica
formerly Dendroica pensylvanica
• Blackpoll Warbler Setophaga striata
formerly Dendroica striata
• Black-throated Blue Warbler Setophaga caerulescens
formerly Dendroica caerulescens
• Palm Warbler Setophaga palmarum
formerly Dendroica palmarum
• Pine Warbler Setophaga pinus
formerly Dendroica pinus
• Yellow-rumped Warbler Setophaga coronata
formerly Dendroica coronata
• Yellow-throated Warbler Setophaga dominica
formerly Dendroica dominica
• Prairie Warbler Setophaga discolor
formerly Dendroica discolor
• Grace’s Warbler Setophaga graciae
formerly Dendroica graciae
• Black-throated Gray Warbler Setophaga nigrescens
formerly Dendroica nigrescens
• Townsend’s Warbler Setophaga townsendi
formerly Dendroica townsendi
• Hermit Warbler Setophaga occidentalis
formerly Dendroica occidentalis
• Golden-cheeked Warbler Setophaga chrysoparia
formerly Dendroica chrysoparia
• Black-throated Green Warbler Setophaga virens
formerly Dendroica virens
• Fan-tailed Warbler Basileuterus lachrymosus
formerly Euthlypis lachrymosa [note change in spelling of species name]
• Canada Warbler Cardellina canadensis
formerly Wilsonia canadensis
• Wilson’s Warbler Cardellina pusilla
formerly Wilsonia pusilla

In addition, see the following web site written by David Sibley to learn more about wood-warbler name changes and the rationale for the new taxonomy that the American Ornithological Union recently approved:


Anonymous said...

Am. Redstart no longer Mr. Lonely! Ha Ha!
Jeff, St. Point, WI

Anonymous said...

Too confusing for me; too many name changes.

Jeremiah Salinas