Sunday, February 14, 2016

Warbler Guy, are any birds back yet on migration where you lead birding trips? (I think you live in the SF Bay Area, right?)

Yes, Mary (in LA), our first, true returning migrant is the Allen's Hummingbird.

First reports of it appearing here were on 1/16/16 in Occidental where Mike Heffernan noticed a male at his feeders.

Allen's Hummingbird Guarding Flower Patch.jpg

(male Allen's Hummingbird, above)

He posted his sighting on the North Bay Birds listserv that you can access at

I've seen two other reports since that date, but, by now, a major pulse has occurred -- so this common coastal breeding hummingbird is now in plenitude throughout central and northern California.

Have you seen any in the LA area, Mary?

WHY am I writing about hummers on a warbler blog? Because you must know I enjoy ALL birds among our 10,200 or so species worldwide....and NOT just the 56 annually seen wood-warblers in the United States area and 114 wood-warblers in the New World within the Parulidae/wood-warbler family (!)

Enjoy the weekend, Daniel

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