Friday, February 26, 2016

Warbler Guy, It's "spring" in my mind, so which warbler species might I see, please? (PLEASE! Too long a winter for me!)

I feel your "pain," Sandee (in Albany, NY).

At your end of the USA, look for Yellow-rumped Warbler (and, perhaps, Palm Warbler) as the most likely species to see now or in early spring.

On the West Coast where I live and conduct San Francisco Bay Area birding tours, initial returning warblers are most likely to be Orange-crowned Warbler individuals (though a few hang around all "winter"). 

The largest pulse of incoming Orange-crowned in Marin County where I live appear by March, with other wood-warbler species arriving this month or in April, including:

(below, male Hermit Warbler)

- Hermit
- Black-throated Gray
- Wilson's
- Yellow-breasted Chat
- Yellow-rumped

Feel free to ask me more questions at:

features "California Bird Arrival Times" for returning migrants at my web site's "Birding Links" area.

Enjoy the birds, Daniel


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Nicely done warbler guy