Monday, May 30, 2016

Warbler Guy, I'm traveling to Maine, so how do I find out about warbler sightings in Maine? Warbler sightings in New England?

There's a great web site operated by Steve Holzman (Thanks, Steve!) that I recommend, Betsy:

Here, you can see any state listserv with recent documentations of bird species, including wood-warbler species.

Paul Garrity operates the Maine listserv, which is at:

His "Media Shelf" link features excellent wood-warbler resources. See:


This post is brief because it's time to go prowling for owls addition enjoy BRIGHT
Mars, which is at a magnitude of -2, so four times as bright as a "0" designation.

Enjoy the spring everyone, Daniel (hosts my "birding tours" information for central California birding and San Francisco Bay area birding tours that I regularly addition to teaching birding classes at Merritt College in Oakland ( )

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