Thursday, May 19, 2016

Warbler Guy, tell me if migrating Kirtland's Warbler have returned to breeding grounds? Kirtland's Warbler migration in spring originates from where?

Jasper (in S. Carolina), given Kirtland's Warbler typically annually nests ONLY in Michigan and Wisconsin in the USA (and in one spot within Ontario, Canada), here's where I check this month to note when this federally endangered species has returned:


The contact you may wish to query:

Keith Kintigh, 989-619-2296

2. Wisconsin's web site (via its DNR) does not post updates of detected Kirtland's Warbler for the current nesting season, so the best way is to watch its birding listserv updates via the "Wis Birds List Serv" -- a term you should Google to subscribe.

Then you'll be able to see the sightings of birders who post.

3. As for Ontario, I'm not aware anyone or any agency provides information for this area's potential Kirtland Warbler nesters.

Meanwhile, have I heard about Kirtland's returning yet this May? -- based on the typical pattern of arriving around this date annually in Wisconsin (e.g., Adams County appears to sustain an annual nesting population of Kirtland's Warbler within Jack Pine stands.)

No...but I'm checking the Rare Bird Alerts, including #2, above.

I'll post here again this breeding season, if and when I hear about Kirtland's sightings in the above locations.

Happy Birding to all, Daniel (features my "Birding Tours" information based on my 25+ years of leading hikes and tours)

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