Sunday, September 5, 2021

Here's the photo quiz answers from my previous post featuring wood-warbler photos:

 Good job,'s cool to note Ryan Brady was kind to share his photos and now (drum roll) the answers (clockwise starting from the top left-most photo):

Black-throated Green



Mourning (female)

Cape May


NICE to note and FLATTERED to mention: I'll be in WI 9/14 - 9/22/21 for birding, including attending the WI Society for Ornithology event (JaegerFest) near Superior, WI.....Should be excellent and wonderful, too, to see friends.

Now to a birding tour here that I'm leading in my homeground, the SF Bay preparing for my upcoming "Fundamentals of Ornithology" class that I'm teaching 9/26 - 11/14/21 at Merritt College (Oakland, CA) ( More info. on it:

Cheers to safe....Daniel