Thursday, March 28, 2024

Warbler Guy, what are your recommendations for binoculars? Where are good online stores to buy binoculars? Are binoculars expensive for finding birds?

 Peter (in Des Moines):

Plenty of choices, of course.

But where to start.

First, I ALWAYS sample any binocular or spotting scope before purchasing it. That's common sense.

More challenging: WHERE to find a good optics resource? What's a birder to do?

One quick fix: I have bought optics from the following online and storefront source that
features diverse choices for binoculars, spotting scopes, and optic accessories:

Out of This World Optics

The owners (Marilyn Rose and James Blackstock) provide personal service.

(They are at: 800-228-8252.....and Mendocino is a sweet, coastal town in southern Mendocino County, ~120 north of San Francisco)

Otherwise, visiting REI or a Wild Birds Ltd. store is a good idea because you can sample diverse binocular options BEFORE buying one.

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Regards, Daniel
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