Monday, March 16, 2009

Latest Warbler Quiz Answers

Below, you’ll see correct answers to recent quizzes that appear on the right side of this page (in order, from the most recent quiz to older ones):

Which "New World" wood-warbler species has the most extensive breeding area?

Answer: Yellow Warbler

Unlike Blackpoll that undertake a long migration (see 1/8/09 article), which wood-warbler has populations that do NOT migrate?

Answer: Common Yellowthroat

What behavior displayed by American Redstart is different than most other songbirds?

Answer: Some females sing

Which wood-warbler species spends the winter in large numbers in higher latitudes than any other wood-warbler?der members?

Answer: Yellow-rumped Warbler


Anonymous said...

I got a perfect score on the quizzes.....Thanks for them.

Joseph C.
Sacramento, CA

Anonymous said...

Interesting answers. I was wondering when you'd share them. Thanks for doing so.

Skip S.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to brush up. Your quizzes are hard!