Friday, August 7, 2009

Can you please share the answers to your latest quizzes?

Yes, Jeremy S. (Tucson, AZ). Here’s the answers:

1. Can you name the two hybrid forms that sometimes result when Golden-Winged and Blue-Winged Warbler mate?


Lawrence’s and Brewster’s

2. Can you name two wood-warbler species that are breeding endemics to one USA state?

Tropical Parula and Golden-Cheeked

3. On the West Coast, which wood-warbler is one of the earliest dispersing species after nesting?


Orange-Crowned Warbler, given many disperse and/or migrate from the Bay Area by June.

4. Among the species listed in the 5/29/09 article, which one is considered extinct?


Bachman’s Warbler

5. Common Yellowthroat was often previously named differently in many field guides as XXXXXX Yellowthroat?


Maryland Yellowthroat

6. Beyond Michigan's breeding population, where else do researchers believe the Kirtland's Warbler regularly to periodically breeds?


Wisconsin (as only one documented nest has been found in Ontario during the 1945 breeding season), while Kirtland’s has bred from 2007 through 2009 in Wisconsin.

7. Which common wood-warbler's breeding range is split into an eastern and western subspecies breeding population?


Nashville Warbler, as its two USA subspecies are split into separated (allopatric) populations while nine Yellow Warbler species occur in the USA among the 43 total subspecies within North, Central and South America.

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