Sunday, December 27, 2009

#1: WOOD-WARBLER Photo Quiz (Quiz Yourself, If You Please)

Can you identify the wood-warbler species in the five (5) photos, above?

(Hint: There only four total species among the five photos.)

Answers will be posted here in my next article that will appear no later than 1/5/10. Please check back, in addition to noting my NEW 2010 "Daniel's Nature Watch Calendar/Phenology Calendar" that will be posted at my regular web site by the first week of 1/2010:

Happy New Year, Daniel

(Photo credits from top to bottom: Kevin Stockman, Martin Meyers, Martin Meyers, WI DNR, and WI DNR)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Daniel....Nice photo quiz.

Brent Sanfora,
San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...

R u sure you're not the biggest warbler fan. I luv your site.

Thanx......Mary K.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the photographer got the young Kirtland's to pose? Wow.

Kurt Andersen

Anonymous said...

I'm 5 for 5 with the quiz. When's the next one? Danny W.

Anonymous said...

I only got 3, but that's prob cuz' I've never been to Michigan to see the Kirtland's. Some day.

Anonymous said...

What about the next quiz? I'm ready.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your quiz #1 was too easy. Bring it on, Mr. Warbler Guy.

Anonymous said...

Too EZ....Jason