Friday, December 17, 2010

Warbler Guy, what are the latest bird name changes (in the 51st AOU Checklist supplement)?

Good question, Jeremy (one of my most frequent Warbler Guy inquirers).

Check out David Sibley's article about the latest American Ornithological Union-based common bird name changes at:

At this link, you'll see name changes at both the genera (scientic name) and common name level for North American songbirds. For wood-warblers, only scientific name changes have occurred, principally in the genera Vermivora and Seirus (with the latter, after the changes, now containing ONLY one member: Ovenbird).

By the way, changes in the common names of birds is available for purchase at the AOU's web site where you can obtain the 51st Annual AOU Checklist Supplement.


Anonymous said...

Warbler Guy, do you do XMas counts only for warblers! You sure know a lot....My ?:

Are there any non-migrating warblers in N. Am.?

Thanks, Joanne

Anonymous said...

I think some populations of Common Yellowthroat do not migrate (?) Correct?
Also some populations of Yellow-throated Warbler stay in FL, I believe.

John H.

Anonymous said...

I think some Yellow-rumped are short distance migrants, ala the ones in New England that stay or the mid-Atlantic -- but they all migrate at least some place after the nesting season, correct?

Can you tell me any besides Comm. Yellow. that don't migrate in N. Am.?

What about N. Parula in FL?

Anonymous said...

Thanks.....Leo F., Midland, MI

Anonymous said...

Interesting post......Ebony