Saturday, May 21, 2011

Warbler Guy: Do you agree that "HeadsUp Warblers" is a “Thumbs-Up” new app?

Yes, given I read review of it in the May, 2011 Birding Magazine (, page 64, “HeadsUp Warblers: An App by the Makers of birdJam."

In response, I bought it for a mere $7.95 at the
iTunes store that is reached via

Verdict: Nice job, birdJam folks.

Plenty of reasons to buy it, whether you're a beginner or advanced warbler-watcher.

Full disclosure: I have no economic connection with birdJam, but I do have this one self-admitted popular
wood-warbler blog site.

Populating it with info. about wood-warblers is the mission.

A similar spike in warbler fans pledging allegiance to "HeadsUp" won't be too hard for birdJam, based on its latest-greatest.


What are my readers' thoughts on the quality of HeadsUp Warblers? Feel free to post a comment, below, so
that we'll know where you stand on this new title.

Enjoy the wood-warblers.....(If you're reading this at night in a far northern USA latittude, then millions of ww's are currently passing through your area.)


Anonymous said...

Bought it....Nice app....William C

Anonymous said...

I like it, though wish it were easier to find/buy.

Anonymous said...

I might get this one...Barney, Rochester, MN

Anonymous said...

Gotta go buy this one, but is it worth $8?

Anonymous said...

Seems like it is worth $8? Not too many features other than photos!

Anonymous said...

It looks good, but this app is difficult to find info. about the warblers. Seems like only photos are present?


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jason.

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