Monday, November 12, 2012

Warbler Guy, where would you go now to see Palm Warbler? Blackpoll Warbler? Yellow-throated Warbler?

Coincidentally, Evan (in Los Angeles), all three of these species are currently present in San Francisco's urban clutches within Sue Bierman Park (near the Ferry Building in the downtown area). Josiah Clark's recent post in SF Birds confirmed their presence.

In recent years, this "island of green" has hosted more than a few species of wayward wood-warbler species.

The urban-based, warbler-pursuing paparrazzi shall not be disappointed again this year, with the Yellow-throated Warbler repeatedly seen for the last weeks in this inner-city location.

To find it, go to the right side of this blog and note the bird's presence in the California bird species report, then click on the hot text button to see a Google map. Or type in "Sue Bierman Park, San Francisco" within Google maps to find this location.

By the way, if you see the Yellow-throated Warbler, it's gleaming, breeding plumage is evident because as adults, members of this species undergo only one full molt annually (i.e., A pre-alternate molt is absent, unlike the vast majority of wood-warblers that express this molting phase.) The result: After a late summer/fall complete "pre-basic molt," the current rendition of this species retains its current, bright regal glory amid the nearby bustle of downtown San Francisco.

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