Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here's answers to recent warbler quizzes (that appear on the right side column)

Quiz Answers

As you scroll from top to bottom on the right column, here's corresponding answers to the most
recent quizzes for which I have not yet provided answers:

1. Identity of warbler photos from top to bottom: Cerulean, N. Parula, Prothonotary, Swainson's, Yellow

2. Fifty-five or 56 warbler species typically annually occur in N. America north of Mexico.

3. Spruce budworm — which experience boom and bust cycles — is an imperative food resource that is often a limiting factor influencing the nesting success of some boreal forest breeding warblers.

4. Late arriving species in spring vary, but often include all three in the quiz: Blackpoll, Connecticut, and Canada.

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