Sunday, June 30, 2013

Introducing "The Warbler Guide" (Tom Stephenson & Scott Whittle; illustrated by Catherine Hamilton)

…..and kudos to the authors: Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle (and primary illustrator Catherine Hamilton) (Princeton University Press, 2013…

Compliments aplenty…..plentitude of 
excellent, new features and chapters in this guide that are NOT present in other wood-warbler publications distributed since the 1960s.

I have some qualification remarks related to subspecies and their graphic representation in the maps corresponding to each species.

But, otherwise, Thumbs Up.

And I will not further borrow your eyeballs here with more details about this Must Read & Must Have guide (for wood-warbler aficionados)….yet, please feel free to note that I am writing a review.

Please email me privately, if you wish to receive it — and I'll send it to you as an attachment in the future and/or provide a link to a web site where my review appears. My seven-year wood-warbler-centric blog also will host the review soon:….while my web site already contains a Warbler ID Tips text button link (three tables for ~50 USA wood-warblers).

Regards and good birding (indeed), Daniel, 
who notes the authors must believe the AOU is soon planning on hitting the delete key for the Yellow-breasted Chat……and removing it from the wood-warbler family/Parulidae family, given this species is NOT included in the wood-warbler section 
{Instead, the authors feature the Yellow-breasted Chat among other taxa in a chapter titled "Similar Non-Warbler Species" (!)}


Anonymous said...

Sounds good....I will buy it.....Jesse P.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there something like 40 or 50 subspecies/races in the Yellow Warbler?

Anonymous said...

AOU may or may not approve chat's exit? I don't know about that move by the authors!!!!!! Texas Tom

Anonymous said...

Guide to Confusing Fall Warblers.....would be the next one to have published, PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Chat is so not a warbler, but surprised it's no longer in the family, as the author's state.

Anonymous said...

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