Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Warbler Guy, what about the Peterson Guide To Birds app? How is this app good for warblers? Other bird species?

Gloria, I've pasted a couple of excellent screen shots below for you to see how this amazing app features wonderful color plate drawings.

The warbler ones are equally impressive (though I did not share any here).

Plus, there's oodles of features on this app to use in the field and among your friends (if you all get it) that lead me to provide an "A" grade for this app.

Yes, I have it...and, yes, it was given to me (full disclosure!), but I'd also buy it, if necessary, at the iTunes Store.

Thumbs up from me.

To find it.....

Type in at the iTunes Store:

Peterson Birds


Peterson Guide To Birds

Best wishes, Daniel


Anonymous said...

How much is this app?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see another excellent app.....but I wonder how many are out there now....Seems like a lot.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there's more than 10 apps out there, but this one and iBird Pro are the best.