Sunday, January 19, 2014

Warbler Guy, which field guide has excellent warbler photos that my child will like? I am seeking photos of warblers, so maybe you can suggest a warbler photo field guide?

Sure, Mara:

The Birds of Western North America: A Photographic Guide (University of Princeton Press, 2009)
features fine, larger photos than the typical bird field guide.

I use it with my own child and, in fact, it's excellent for my tour guiding on the trail because birders can see the images from afar and close to me when a group is gathered tightly.

Granted, it's western North America-based with its content, but plenty of Midwest and East Coast warblers are also shown.

Full disclosure: I received my copy free as a reviewer, yet I would buy this guide even if I were not so lucky as to get one.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, W Guy.

Anonymous said...

How much is this book?

Anonymous said...

Any warblers overwintering here? Jared