Friday, March 7, 2014

Answers To Recent Quizzes (on right column of this blog as you scroll down)

Here's correct answers to the latest quizzes that appear on the right column as you scroll down (from the most recent quiz to earlier ones):


Which of the following species is not a member of the wood-warbler family?

Answer: Olive Warbler


Warblers eat the following:

Answer: All of the above: seeds, fruit, and insects
(though some species primarily eat ONLY insects during the breeding season and, then, after returning to "wintering" grounds may eat fruit in combination with insects (e.g., Cape May Warbler) )


What's the name of an app where diverse wood-warbler photos can be seen when you wish to examine how immature/first-year ones appear?

Answer: Both iBird Pro and Sibley Birds sometimes host immature/first-year photos for some wood-warbler species.

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