Monday, April 6, 2015

Warbler Guy, is The Warbler Guide any good? Do you think it's worth buying?

Anita (in Carbondale, IL): Full disclosure.....I received a copy of The Warbler Guide when it first appeared.

That written, I would have absolutely bought it, if necessary.

It is excellent.

Many review of this guide appear online, so I won't describe its virtues here.

But I will note the publisher recently creating some downloadable apps from the book that
may interest you at:

At this link, you'll find Quick Finder PDF or JPG files for quick ID of warblers. For example, one download PDF shows all the faces of warblers; another depicts all the warblers from a 45 degree view; another shows spring eastern warblers; and, yet another, portrays them in their fall plumages.

Hence, beyond the book, the publisher (Princeton University Press) continues to provide free extras at its web site, with the best link at:

As for my own recent warbler sleuthing, the spring on the West Coast has been fruitful so far.
March and early April arrivals of nesters in our area such as Hermit Warbler and Black-throated Gray Warbler have followed February appearances of returning nesters Wilson's Warbler and Orange-crowned Warbler.

Happy spring birding and warbler finding, Daniel


Anonymous said...

Thanks, WG.....

Anonymous said...

Yes, I, too, found early warblers this spring.