Saturday, July 4, 2015

Warbler Guy, I'm always traveling to new birding spots, so what are my resource options for finding where to find warblers where I go?

Glad to help, Janice (in Phoenix).

Here's some resource options that may assist you:

1. The web is your friend, as you go:

- to and click on Rare Bird Alerts....Then click on the region to where you are going.  Scan. Read. Instant knowledge.

- to click on the state to where you are going, and, next, local chapters. Choose the one in the area where you plan to visit, reading the area, say, that lists local birding sites.

Email addresses of folks in an Audubon chapter are often posted in this area or under the Board of Directors or other names where the "field trip coordinator" often is the most knowledgeable to float an email with your questions.

2. For example, using the first option above, I found a Masschusetts listserv posting from June, 2013 that could pertain to the current date and this month, July, when warblers first begin to disperse/migrate.

To wit: Check out the following photo. Do you think this group of YELLOW WARBLERS is already dispersing/migrating? I'd suggest they could be moving locally, but are not in full nightly flying mode yet. They might even be a family group, with three of the five first-year/hatch-year individuals.


Regards, Daniel Edelstein


Anonymous said...


Joey D.

Jane_Apolo said...

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Anonymous said...

I think these Yellow Warblers are born nearby the photo's area or below it in thick vegetation....perhaps! Joanne

Anonymous said...

Hard to see the Yellow Warblers in the tree......but I trust it's prob a family group, if the photo was taken in June or early July before they migrate south. Do you agree?

Anonymous said...

I think they are Yellow Warbler in the tree because they are early migrators, I've read.

Jason D.