Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Any suggestions for warbler identification tips, Warbler Guy? I know that's general to ask, but identification of warblers is simply challenging #@%#!

I'll be glad to share tips....Let me do so more extensively soon, but for now, please note:
(Graphic, below, courtesy of TheWarblerGuide.com, via Univ. of Princeton Press that published the amazing and worthwhile-to-purchase: "The Warbler Guide." Thumbs up.)

Warbler Tips Identification Chart

Not sure of a wood-warber's identification?

It looks similar to another species?

Feel free to see my "Warbler Tips Identification" Chart that appears as a button at my Web site:



Anonymous said...

Very helpful of you, thanks....Jody

Anonymous said...

P.S.: I found you via a friend that turned me onto warblers. joyful.

Anonymous said...

cool..nice site

Anonymous said...

Wish I could tell the warblers apart better.....glad to have your help. Thanks. Jessica Helpern

Anonymous said...

What about your quizzes? Answers for recent ones? Thanks....Brian