Saturday, February 27, 2016

Warbler Guy, you teach classes at Merritt College, I see (with a Google search)...correct?

Yes, Aundra, and thanks for the plug.

Here's a "copy and paste" from my Daniel's Merritt College Classes blog about my upcoming 2016 class:

Raptors Of The Bay Area: September 8 - early November, 2016 (1 lecture & 6 all-day field trips)


Raptors Of The Bay Area And Central CA (see p. 124 at the college’s catalog for BIO 80A; this class begins 9/8/16 as a slide show/lecture introduction, then six all-day Saturday field trips occur in Sept., Oct., and Nov., 2016; register at beginning in April or May, 2016).

(below, 2nd or 3rd year sub-adult Golden Eagle)

Details For This Two-Month Class (One slide show/lecture; six all-day field trips):

- Thursday, 9/8/16: 7 pm - 9:50 pm slide show features 19 SF Bay Area raptors we may see during our six all-day September, October, and November, 2016 field trips;

- Five all-day Saturday field trips: 9/10, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/22, and 11/5/16
(e.g., Hawk Hill in Sausalito, Scaggs Island (off Highway 37), Altamont area (Golden Eagle breeding "epicenter"/activity center), etc.)

Focus Of Class/Purpose: 

We'll explore: a) the ecology/life cycle of raptors; b) migration; c) identification tips for the 19 potential species that either nest or migrate through the SF Bay Area annually.

About The Instructor:

A Merritt College ornithology instructor since 2003 — and a leader of birding outings since 1984 — Daniel (M.S., Natural Resources) is a freelance Certified Wildlife Biologist Associate. He regularly conducts bird surveys for common and rare species and possesses five survey permits. His popular website highlights northern California birds (see "Birding Links" area) at (His eight-year-old wood-warbler blog hosts articles, quizzes, and photos at
Questions? Please let me know at


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