Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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....Wilson's Warbler....More details related to this question follow:

Although a few Wilson's Warbler remain during the non-breeding season in the SF Bay Area/N. CA, the vast majority are neotropical migrants that vacate the area and typically begin returning AFTER Orange-crowned Warbler return as the area's INITIAL returning nesting wood-warbler species.

(Above, Wilson's Warbler)

The above note is an oversimplification of a more complex dynamic......given some Orange-crowned Warbler individuals ALSO remain during the non-breeding season.

Hence, in general, the order of returning wood-warbler species beginning in February annually:

1. Orange-crowned

2. Wilson's

3. Black-throated Gray

4. Yellow, Hermit, Yellow-breasted Chat, MacGillivray's (various order of appearance depending on the year.....though, usually, they are later than #1-#3, above).

Nashville also pass through, sometimes, but they do NOT typically nest along the coast.

What about Northern Parula you ask? Indeed, for at least three consecutive years, a documented nesting site was detected in W. Marin Co. (near SF).....but I would hesitate to suggest this species is annual in the Bay Area.

Please feel free to correct me if you have different information.

I'm always glad to be updated. Regards and happy spring birding, Daniel (hosts my "Birding Tours" information related to my birding tour services that include 7 trips in April and several more in May both in N. CA and in Wisconsin, given I'll be co-leading trips at the annual Wisconsin Society for Ornithology conference.

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Saw Wilson's yesterday nearby our place....Jasper