Friday, May 6, 2016

Warbler Guy, I'm traveling in search of warblers this spring: Where do I find warbler sightings online? Warbler observations are present at one web site? Rare Bird Alerts post warbler sightings?

Yes, Harold:

There's a one-stop shop for all your warbler watching needs at:

Look by region on the home page menu for the area to which you are traveling.

So, for example, at the above web link, pretend you're traveling to Michigan this spring.

Your aim is to find the Kirkland's Warbler that typically nests among 10 north-northcentral Michigan counties.

Look for this area on the web link and go through the dates to check potential recent sightings.

Easy, correct?

At Warbler Watch, we aim to please.

The birder customer is always correct.

Regards, Daniel ("Birding Tours" area provides details related to my Bird Guiding/Bird Tours
that I offer throughout northern and central California, including the San Francisco Bay Area)

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This is helpful...! Jasper Giaconi