Sunday, March 3, 2019

Warbler Guy, my California bird tour means I'm looking for rare birds in California. Where do I find rare California birds on a listserv?

Hi Davey....and, "yes," and I remember you from the birding tour you invited me to lead you upon in 2012.

Answer to your question, above: You can check:

....with this site a composite list featuring all the listserv sites in California.

Click on one or more as you please to see the latest bird sightings lists posted by


Glad to help:

By the way, forget the upcoming Spring Equinox, merely 17 days away....Instead: did you know our spring actually begins in October, annually. Huh?

Yes, true: I begin hearing the courtship "peek" sound from male Anna's Hummingbirds that month. As the males descend during their courtship dance, air rushing through their tail feathers at the bottom of their elevator drop initiates the "peek" sound.

By December, eggs are in the nest in the SF Bay Area, with Great Horned Owl joining the maternity ward by January as females incubate eggs or hatch them.

Even a few Orange-crowned Warbler migrant returnees have likely already returned here, given it's 3/3/19.

I'm not one of the privileged to have yet detected them in our woodland habitats — I live and bird a lot in the Novato area where I live, 20 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge — but I imagine a sleuthing of eBird would reveal this common breeding wood-warbler has returned in small numbers to date.

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