Friday, July 31, 2020

Which bird field guides feature range maps that show non- and breeding territory for species?

Not many. Perhaps none, if you're considering only the most common ones among birders. 

So, if not none, then which one? 

Here's the only title that (I know) features range maps depicting non-breeding and breeding range areas for many orders of birds:

Neotropical Migratory Birds: Natural History, Distribution, and Population Change.  1995. Richard M. DeGraaf and John H. Rappole. Comstock Publishing.

Why do I cherish the above title? Because, for example, if you wish to know the destination of "our" nesting wood-warbler family members that perform neotropical migration (i.e., obligate
long-distance migration), then this resource helps. 

I can look at p. 431 to see where in S. America BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER migrate to after the breeding season.

Other best-selling bird field guides typically merely feature a map that denotes no more than Mexico and northward within N. America (i.e., Central America and S. America are absent).

Ergo, true obligate, long-distance migrants such as the 
BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER are not accounted for year-round in most field guides' maps.

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