Monday, November 2, 2020

Warbler Guy, which is the ONE wood-warbler field guide to buy a friend for the upcoming holiday season?


Good question, Joey (in St. Paul):

Unwrapping your holiday gift is likely to result in euphoric glee, if you give your friend the The Warbler Guide (Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle; Princeton Univ. Press, 2013)

It's the most current, comprehensive field guide focusing on the New World wood-warblers in the Parulidae family.

Where to get it? is a wonderful resource, given the total cost for the book, including shipping is featured from low to high price after you type in a book title.

Funny related anecodote.

Tom Stephenson's brother (Mark) lives near me, so we often see each other at vagrant spots while birding along the N. CA coast where I live in Marin Co. (SF Bay Area).

Mark is an excellent birder, who has an equally adept birder son.

Scott Whittle highlighted this guide at a Golden Gate Audubon Society presentation that I attended. Inventive, eloquent speaker. Wonderful.

And so is the field guide.

Happy gift giving.....Regards, Daniel Edelstein

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