Saturday, January 1, 2022

Warbler Guy, I typically seek rare bird species when I go afield, but it's SO cold now I am doing Project Feederwatch (from my breakfast room). What's its format/method?

Sherry (in New York), feel free to see (from your sunrise perch that looks like this one? (!):

Feel free to note:

The FeederWatch season always begins the second Saturday in November and runs through the end of April. The 2021–22 FeederWatch season begins on November 13. The last day to start a two-day count at the end of each season is April 29.

We here in Novato (Marin Co., CA....20 miles north of the Golden Gate bridge) have sunflower chips, thistle, and suet that coaxes birds into our view for counting.....Usually, no rare species visit, but we have an occasional Pine Siskin that is NOT rare, but is uncommon except for local abundance (especially among Alder tree groves).....and a Townsend's Warbler has been visiting our suet (NOT a typical behavior....for this non-breeding season visitor).

Meanwhile, enjoy and please feel free to visit my web site to learn about my birding tours that I have hosted for 25+ years:

Regards, Daniel Edelstein

Novato, CA 

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