Thursday, December 8, 2022

Warbler Guy, what's the difference between a New World and Old World warbler species?

Thank you, Jake (in Orlando, FL).

I'm in the field this month and currently so I'm only sharing a brief answer (below) to your excellent question.

The short answer is only two bird families compose the New World warbler species that total approximately 114 species in North, Central, and South America (Parulidae family (~113 species) and Peucedramidae family (1 species: Olive Warbler).

The Old World warbler species occur in the Sylviidae family, which are primarily present in the Eastern Hemisphere that include Eurasian and African countries. Note that warbler and babbler species are present in this family that totals approximately 400 species among 70 genera.

Meanwhile, I continue to enjoy detecting Common Yellowthroat near me today during my wetland survey along the San Francisco Bay where I live in Novato (Marin County).

Hence, it's time to return to my outdoor foray....Hope to meet you if you ever visit our area, Jake.....Glad to plan a birding tour with you via:

Happy Holidays, Daniel

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