Sunday, November 22, 2009

Warbler Guy: We've missed you since your 11/7 post? What's up? When will you return? Inquiring warbler fans wish to know (!)

OK, OK, I'm guilty as charged.

My college class that I'm teaching ("Ornithology") has been my child to babysit for lately -- and I'm not complaining.

The field trips are fun as a complement to the Powerpoint slide shows I present during class (Merritt College).

BUT I'm on my next article that you'll soon see here:

How the Old World warblers (the Sylvids) have been split and re-organized.

It's an interesting development.

Yet it also requires a reading length almost equal to scanning every name in the NY City phone book.

In other words, it's a time drag and, tongue in cheek intended, a near Master's Degree in descriptive research to learn about the Old World Warbler taxonomy changes.

I'll be back at you soon.....and, meanwhile, enjoy the birding and our wood-warbler friends.

Regards, Daniel


Anonymous said...

Yes, we're waiting. You must be busy, as you're usually more regular with your post articles.


Anonymous said...

Come back. Please post soon, Warbler Man.

Josh in of your fans......

Anonymous said...

Are warblers affected by global warming? Which ones?

Tacoma, Wash.

Anonymous said...
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