Saturday, November 7, 2009

Warbler Guy, which warblers are the most common to see at the upcoming Christmas Bird Count (CBC) events?

Oh, “yes,” Floyd D. in Davenport, IA. . . Wood-warblers are often detected in non-warm weather areas where the 2009-2010 CBC events will soon happen. (Given Floyd also wonders if "seeing warblers during a northern USA CBC is even possible?" I'll answer that phase, too, below.)

Before I mention the highest wood-warbler species totals for the most recent (2008) CBCs, consider how cold weather-challenged states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and others routinely report Yellow-Rumped Warbler for selected CBCs.

As you may already know, upon moving south from the aforementioned states, it’s increasingly likely that your CBC experience will include sightings of winter-challenged-weather songbirds such as wood-warblers.

As a result, CBCs occurring in, for example, southeastern USA states typically document more total Yellow-Rumped individuals (i.e, Yellow-Rumped Warbler may and can be found annually during CBC viewing periods (mid-Dec.-early Jan.) in almost every eastern state east of the Mississipi River except for Minnesota and some to many New England states.

Other COMMONLY detected wood-warbler species seen during CBCs include Orange-Crowned, Yellow-Breasted Chat, Palm, Northern Waterthrush, Northern Parula, Yellow-Throated, Black-and-White, and Ovenbird.

Now, Warbler Guy presents a strange brew of wood-warbler totals from the 2008 CBC season and for various North American “Tally Rally” totals:

- 17 Painted Redstart (Arizona’s Green Valley-Madera Canyon CBC);
- 15 American Redstart (Florida’s Coot Bay-Everglades CBC);
- 70 Black-and-White (Florida’s Coot Bay-Everglades)
- 524 Common Yellowthroat (Texas’ Guadulupe River Delta-McFaddin Family Ranches CBC)
- 17 Wilson’s Warbler at the coastal Orange Co., CA CBC


Anonymous said...

I saw YR Warbler into January once in n. Illinois, but, like you suggest, not every year.

Too cold, too!

Brian Smatz, Decatur, IL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.

LaNora Evans

Anonymous said...

I'll settle for just one Painted Redstart.

I saw one in '96, but not since then.....I wonder why few kinds of warblers are red? Do you know?

Lincoln C., Fairfax, VA

Anonymous said...

I like this blog.....Do you also like gulls and flycatchers? Smile.

Anonymous said...

Warbler Watch Guy: You've seen Painted Redstart? I did once in '86 and not since.

Edward Primbleton

Anonymous said...

Time will tell, but I think the Red-Faced will reach CA with global warming (?). Any studies on warbler movement?

Ed B.
Johnstone, PA

Anonymous said...

I like this blog; interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...
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