Sunday, March 28, 2010

Warbler Guy, which warblers look alike? Which are the most confusing warblers to identify from each other?

Thanks, Gilman (in Paso Verde, CA)

Right, which photo is the Orange-crowned? Tennessee?

Warbler identification challenges are ALWAYS the leading questions I get in the spring.

So here's ten typical “double-take” ID challenges you’re likely to encounter when the going gets tough on the boardwalk as the warbler march begins:

(i.e., Knowing the breeding ranges and which habitats the following species tend to frequent and/or nest within is always helpful in identifying look-alikes from each other – among other factors.)

1. Chestnut Sided and Golden-Winged

2. Magnolia and immature Prairie

3. Black-throated Green and Townsend’s/Hermit hybrids

4. Yellow-throated and Grace’s

5. Kirtland’s and Palm (and Prairie)

6. Yellow-Rumped (Audubon’s subspecies vs. Myrtle subspecies) (and intergrades of Audubon’s and Myrtle occur in portions of British Columbia and Alberta)

7. Tennessee and Orange-Crowned

8. Ovenbird and Northern Waterthrush (or Louisiana Waterthrush (they are all in the same genus)

9. Connecticutt and Mourning

10. Mourning and MacGillivray’s


Anonymous said...

What about American Redstart first-year males vs. the female of the same species?

Could be #11?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips.....Kate R.