Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Warbler Guy, what are the answers to the most recent quizzes on your blog’s right column? (Jeremy K., Seattle, WA)

Here’s the answers, Jeremy, with corresponding date (if applicable) for each quiz provided as you scroll down from today’s date and backward in time:

1. March 2 Photo Quiz:

Photos from top to bottom = MacGillivray's, Connecticutt, Chestnut-Sided, Lucy's, Hermit

2. Which wood-warbler is typically the earliest long-traveling migrant back on the East Coast? West Coast?

Answer: Louisiana (remember, it said “long-traveling” migrant); Orange-crowned

3. March 1, 2010 article and corresponding quiz:

Which wood-warbler species has gained the most population by percentage in the last 20 years?

Answer: Kirtland’s, as the population increased to nearly 1,400 singing males by the mid-2000s after hovering around 200 males through the mid-80s.

4. January 10 Photo Quiz:

Photos from top to bottom = Aud.'s) Yellow-Rumped, Wilson's, Bl.-Thr. Blue, Blackpoll, Hermit

5. Approximately how many miles are trans-oceanic migrating Blackpoll (Warbler) traveling if they begin in New England and arrive in northern S. America (For help, see the 9/29/09 article)?

Answer: 2,150 one-way (for example, Blackpolls leaving New England travel as far as this distance to northern South America where they spend the non-breeding season.

6. Pretend you're attending an upcoming Christmas Bird Count (CBC) in any of the lower 48 states. Which two wood-warbler species are the most likely ones MOST people would see?

Answer: In most cases and during most years, it’s Yellow-Rumped and Common Yellowthroat (though Palm can sometimes persist and/or over-winter in some northern latitudes).

7. Can you name two wood-warbler species that are breeding endemics to one USA state?

Answer: Golden-cheeked (a true endemic that breeds only in Texas) and Tropical Parula, though the later breeds farther south outside Texas.


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Got em all correcto! Ben Z.